23 Mar 2013

DAY 61: CAMBODIA - Siem Reap - The decision

I had a quiet night on my own when we got back from Pub street so I took a long shower, internet surfing etc. Steve did not come all night and I had room just for myself :)
Morning.. Heat! We were all lazy even to move so we didn't :) Day by the pool... food, beer and that was pretty much all we have done.
It was a lunch time when we decided to not go to Laos. I was thinking, we spent many days in Cambodia, more than we planed to, and we have just one month before our flight back home. It is better to see one country without rush then to move every 2nd day from place to another place. Plus we already made our Vietnamese visas and I really looked forward to see that country since we arrived in Bangkok in December. Maria was more for Lao but, she changed her opinion in a second 'cause Jon is leaving to Ho Chi Minh in a 2days and she could stay with him for his birthday. Everyones happy. Oh, forgot to mention, our lover-bro showed up with his girlfriend in the afternoon. He said he is going to her place and in a two days he is going back to Otres beach with her. Officially, Steve is leaving us after one month. This means, again I will have room for myself :) fancy!
We bought bus tickets to Ho Chi Minh (southern Vietnam) for tomorrow night (midnight bus again). Plan for the morning is to visit Angkor Wat and temples.
In the afternoon, we went with tuk tuk to see sunset over the Angkor temple. And god damn, we were late 5 minutes. The security guy did not wanted to let us in. He totally flipped my bitch switch .. I took few photos and they were not bad at all, but if I could just get in the temple! We also tried with our press pass cards. No lucky...

Me, Steve and Melissa

Crazy in love


My ticket 


Cambodian woman: "Special price for you, my friend"

After we saw the sunset, we returned to our hotel for a dinner.
Catching the sunrise at Angkor Wat tomorrow 5am is a challenge. Is it worth? I hope it is.

Sunset over the Angkor Wat


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