16 Jan 2013

DAY 41 - 42 : CAMBODIA (Phnom Penh) Waiting for my backpack

I would rather skip writing about those 2 days but, what a hell...
So here I am: one t-shirt, one trousers, one bra, one underwear.. I hoped it will be just a day till I get my stuff back.. It wasn't. The very second morning I called the airport but my backpack did not arrived and the guy said that he has confirmation from Singapore that my bag is there and that it is going to be here tomorrow. I tried to get in contact with someone from that stupid "Tiger Airways" flight company but all I got from them was wrong contact numbers for "lost baggage" customer service. Imagine this, rep who works in side the same company is giving you the number of "service for lost baggage" that is not even handling Tiger Airways.I spent more than 30 dollars on credit a get no info so I called the airport again. Very polite guy said that again, Tiger Airways confirmed they will send my backpack tomorrow so I'll should get it around 3:50pm. I said, fuck this, let's go to get some clothes. Local market was pretty cheap but the clothes did not look any better. I bought few thing to "survive" till my bag come. We also ate some delicious chicken noodles on the street for like... 0,30 cents.
I love people of Cambodia! They are so nice..

Steve went to meet up with Andreas and we went for shopping. I gave a try to few tops and shorts really, I pushed hard to convince myself that I look good in that clothes but no lucky... For the very first time I wish I could have "Little Europe" here in Asia. So I gave up... no shopping for me here.
Same night we took a night ride again with tuk - tuk. This is becoming really funny.
Next day we woke up late and waited few hours to go and get my backpack from the airport. We arrived there the same moment when plane landed. I was standing there, watching all bags and hoping I'll see my dirty backpack but .. no.. The emotions took over ... I was crying! No, not for the fucking bag but for the reason I am not enjoying. I am paying this trip a lot and I supposed to feel good. I felt so bad that moment and the same moment I said to my mates I am not staying in this city any day longer. "Guys, fuck this, I want us to enjoy. So the plan was to go south so tomorrow we are going to the coast. I am not waiting for my stuff anymore. I'll buy this rubbish clothes. I love you guys."
Then we hugged each other and Steve said: "Now, when we get back I will call Australian head office and you try again to talk with Singapore. Just the last try." We were on a hot line with Australia for like 30minutes when we decided to hang up. Plus, it was reservation line as they don't have any for lost baggage.
And here I am.. it is 3rd day already in Phnom Penh. 8:15am.. The next Tiger's arrival from Singapore is in 10 minutes. And yes, I am getting this very last call in 20 minutes. If my bag is not here I am getting us bus tickets to Sihanoukville, going for quick shopping and that's it. 
See you on the beach! ;)

15 Jan 2013

DAY 40: CAMBODIA - Arriving in Phnom Penh with no backpack

The flight from Singapore to Cambodia was pretty boring. I was sleeping for an hour and the rest 50 minutes I was listening music and reading LP. Finally we landed. It was 3:50 local time (same as Thailand). We filled in some application form for visa, paid 20 dollars and in a 10 minutes we took our passports and went to take our bags. Surprise! My bag is missing .. Same moment I went to "lost&found" filled in paper and one very polite guy who is in charge said that it should be here tomorrow and he will report this to the company. I was freaking out... Well can't change anything, so let's just go and find a room.. We met one German guy Andreas who is coming to Cambodia all the time so he gave us few tips and we took a tuk - tuk for 4 dollars to take us to the river side. It took us 40 minutes to get there as the traffic was really busy. I was so upset and my Rawi family was trying to cheer me up. Andreas gave me HARIBO gummy bears and that was it! I smiled finally! :) Like he knew I love them!!
We decided to go for a food cuz we were hungry and then to search for the room. I took some fish and chips with salad. It was nothing special but cheap though (4.5dollars). After Maria went on her own to search for the room. And she found one "White river guest house" at Pop street for 10 dollars.
After the shower we came downstairs for a party. It was opening night and such a good atmosphere with local Cambodian folk music. Plus FREE BEER ALL NIGHT. I did not wanna think about my bag anymore and I was hoping that I will get it tomorrow. Fuck it, just a bag. I was so "smart" to leave my international driving license and my diving license aswell plus the all flight reservations in my missing backpack but I am traveling all the time, never had lost baggage. I guess, I learned my lesson today. 
So, the party was nice, but after midnight went we had enough we took a tuk-tuk for like 2 - 3 dollars to take us around the city. We made a several stops to take a beer, water and things. I loved that night ride with my mates.
Phnom Penh is nice city and my first impression is good. Such a poor country (16th world's) but local people are so warm, always with a smile. Plus, I feel so safe here to let's say walk alone.
First day is gone. One more here and we are heading to the coast line...

5 DAYS in Singapore (9th January - 14th January)

After a day of doing nothing and just relaxing on roof top garden of "Green Kiwi" hostel Rawi family decided to go for sightseeing around Singapore. And when Maria said: "Singapore ... place where breathing is expensive" I totally agree. Man, we couldn't find any cheaper street food for less than 3 dollars, cigarettes are like 11 and beer is 6. We took some super - cheap card for the public transportation aswell.
1st stop was Marina Bay.. Fancy walking area near the water where you can chill, walk, or just make some nice photos of all buildings and hotels. It was a really hot day...
We enjoyed that walk a lot, 3 amigos - Maria, Steve and I..

 Rawi family

Marina Bay


Steve learned few Serbian words and it was really funny listening him talking Serbian on his German accent..
As we were really on budget, trying to save money for a better things, we haven't done any shopping but when we saw Starbucks we said: "Fuck this, we are going for a coffee!"
I think we stayed there for an hour or two just enjoying the view and relaxing from a long walk.
It was around 5pm when we took another tube to take us to Chinatown. Colors, stupid souvenirs and good food, all at one place. Completely different than the place where we were before. Steve bought some funny Chinese shoes (more like slippers), and we just took some magnets for a friends.

 Hello in Serbian :)

 super-stylish shoes for Steve

After we got back to our hostel and met 2 Australians from Perth, one girl from USA and one Canadian guy. Having fun at the roof with music and beer, such a good night...
Other day was rainy so we stayed at guest house and then the other we went to  Clarke Quay and Sentosa Island. The Bay garden is beautiful... but they are charging extra for everything around ya. Sentosa island - perfect paradise for kids and family..
Somehow there we lost Maria but she showed up at our guest house saying that she had a hell of the time. I liked pictures that she made!
And finally, the last 4th day .. Maria stopped one truck and asked the driver if he can take us to Marina Bay, 'cause he was going there anyway.. It was freaking crazy seeing us sitting in a pickup and enjoying the ride on our European way :) Well, let's just say "RAWI" way hahaha... People on the street were shocked, some of them even took a photo of us. I bet that video was on national TV.. Haha, great memory! (Special thanks to my girl who can do everything - MARIA!!!)
So we ended up at Marina bay and decided to try to sneak in to "Infinity Pool". "No, sorry, it is just for the hotel guests" receptionist said. "Okay, we are photo reporters from travel magazine, this is our official press pass, we just wanna take few pictures and write about it"  - that was our answer. And yes, for real, we have the official press pass from that mag and we will write about our trip when we get back  But the guy said that we should make an appointment so we just went to the last floor (77) and decided to see that famous Sky bar. Before we entered Steve said to me that there is a pass and security is busy at the moment so I should try to sneak in. I took a risk but no lucky hehe. The security guy was just in front of me reminding that it is just for the guests.. Damn! Well, at least, I tried :)
Sky bar was busy with rich tourists and I guess rich locals considering that one beer cost "just" 20 dollars and the cheapest bottle of vodka "only" 350! Yeah, fuck this! I wanna go to Cambodia as soon as possible! We took a tube and then the other one to Little India. Man, I thought that the whole India was there that moment! I forgot to say that in the morning we were there aswell, having the best Indian dal (traditional meal) for just 5 dollars. I don't wanna sound like I am poor or I don't wanna spend money, it's just the way we travel. In front of us is one and a half month, 3 countries and many more to come. Singapore is bloody expensive! 


Sentosa island

at Sky bar

 my sexy girl

love her!!

Rawi kiss from Little India

The last night our dorm was full. I think that 6 people were snoring and I couldn't sleep.. Plus the aircon ... freezing..! 
On 14th we woke up around 10am. It was our departure day as we were having enough of "civilization" ... hehe..  Cambodia here we come!! 

best message ever ;)


10 Jan 2013

6 DAYS of moving (MALAYSIA - Lankawi island, Penang island and Kuala Lumpur)

Well yeah... I was traveling a lot like day by day, moving from one place to another..
On the 3rd of January we took a bus to Hatyai (Southern Thailand) and from there the same night we supposed to go to Lankawi Malaysian island as the guy who was selling ticket at Koh Phangan said that there is a night bus and boat to that direction. But he played us. We came there and the bus station was closed so we took some hostel and stayed for a night. 
The same morning around 8:30am we traveled by mini van to Satur (Thai border) and from there by boat to Lankawi. It was two and a half hours of travel when we finally arrived to Lankawi. In a van we met one middle age British couple (who are actually friends). When we arrived at Malaysian border we were waiting for like 20 minutes at the separated office for police officer to "check" our visa's. He was turning our passports up side down, scanning and making few phone calls and I was feeling really tired so I asked:"Is there any problem, Sir?" He said:"No, no, you are the first Serbians that arrived here so I just need to check, all good". When he did his super - check he let us in. Jure  was outside waiting for us.
3 travel mates - Maria, Jure and I, found some nice cheap hostel at Pantai Cenang backpacker area. Taxi driver ripped us off by charging us 20 MYR each, we supposed to pay 24 all together. However, hostel was cheap - 100MYR for 2 nights for all of us. The same day we went to the beach to enjoy the sunset. After we went for a dinner at some Indian street food place but that was a bad idea 'cuz the same morning I had some stomach flu (or diarrhea). I was at the room trying to use internet but the connection was really bad. I took some pill and lot's of coca-cola hoping it will help and after few hours I felt much better.
The same day I met my room mates at the beach and spent few hours lizarding, swimming and relaxing.

 Next day we went to Penang island. We took a cab for 24myr to the port and then 60myr per person boat ticket to Penang. So far, I wasn't so amazed by Malaysia..
On the way to Penang we met Steve, German guy who joined us for the rest of our travels through Malaysia. In George town we stayed at Banana guest house for 60myr all together. I liked that place and chill out area near the reception. We had really good time there and I wish we could stay one day more but we had to go because we booked the flight to Singapore on 9th from Kuala Lumpur. Just to not forget, there on Penang we became RAWI family (Steve, Jure, Maria and Me).. While we were waiting for the room, accidentally we met a local guy Rawi. He was really funny at the beging saying we are all family, we should go out and things like that. We wanted to go to eat and we said to him that we'll meet up later but the guy was following us all the way to the red garden. Funny at the start but weird 20 minutes after even if I said to him to leave like several times. No, he took a seat next to Jure and acting like he don't understand. He probably wanted a company but on a wrong way. Or, he was just nuts. It was a funny situation cause we could not get rid of him. Even Steve tried on a very angry way to tell him to leave us alone.. No, our new local friend was just sitting with us keep saying: "We are Rawi family".

Meet Rawi family

I had problem with my credit card since I arrived in Malaysia and I couldn't take any money from ATM so I borrow some money from Maria and when I arrived to Penang, same night I sent an e-mail to my bank to fix this problem as I am running out of cash.
We were sitting at the "chill out" area of our hostel until late chatting with people. There I met two Canadian guys Tyson and Kurtis and super cute girl Bonnie from Hong Kong.
The other day me and my travel buddies decided to do some sightseeing so we visited Batu Ferringhi beach, George town (clock tower, fort and little India where we had the best coffee for like 1myr).

 My football team

We also booked the night bus for 35myr (departure midnight) to Kuala Lumpur. It was the best bus I have ever traveled in Asia. Nice, comfortable seats and ac. I slept all the way to KL. We arrived around 5am and all what we did for a next 2 hours was just searching for a budget accommodation in Chinatown. I couldn't say in a shit - dirty room and I believe non of my mates too so we took 80myr (20e) budget hotel called "Reggae guest house" for a night. Nice and clean. Jure went to make his visa for Burma with Steve. Also Bonnie texted me on fb saying she is at KL and we called her to join us cuz we were celebrating Jure's birthday at the entrance of our hotel. It was a funny night, maybe one that I will remember.

 Bonnie and I

New friends...

birthday "cake"

piece of atmosphere

happy people

During the day time, we visited the Twins towers of Kuala Lumpur and Chinatown. Maria did some aerobic - zumba with local girls at the main park .. so funny!!!

 In Malaysia things are not cheap as they are in Thailand...
Jure's birthday night was really amazing. We surprised him with ice creams and candles and some local whiskey with cola. Taste is like rum actually :)
The other morning we took a taxi to the airport (82MYR). Steve also came with us but his flight was 30 minutes earlier than ours. Taxi driver left us at the main international airport but we forgot to say that we had low cost flight tickets and we were running out of time so we asked each person that we saw if they can take us and we'll pay but nobody wanted. No taxi around, next shuttle bus is coming in 20min and we were panicking cuz we had about 10minutes before the gate is going to open.  We stopped 1st vehicle on the road and begged guy to take us to the right transit. And yes, he did..We were saved!
So here we are ... in rich, fancy Singapore.. Expensive on any corner. My credit card is finally working. We are staying at nice, cheap hostel "Green Kiwi". It is just 13e per person per night with breakfast and coffee is just one Singapore dollar (1.5 American). Not too bad at all but still nothing cheaper than 3SGD. I am really looking forward to go to Cambodia. Kind a hate this luxury way of living as my budget is not so brilliant. Let it be... Loving life!


1 Jan 2013

DAY 26: THAILAND (Koh Phangan): Sunset of Baan Tai

Today we did not do anything... We were at the beach bar, recovering from the last night.
I washed my shoes again .. I think I am gonna get new one.
In the afternoon Maria went with Jure to get us bus tickets for Malaysia. 3rd of January we are leaving Thailand. She gave me a call just 15 minutes after she left saying that there are no tickets until the 6th. Oh, F**c! She said that we can go to Hadyai (Southern Thailand) and from there to take a night bus to Penang. Well we don't have any other option anyway..  She got back with a Pad Thai, and I was really hungry..

I love Thai sunsets. Specially here at Baan Tai. The way that sun "plays" with sky... I am not romantic person. I love photography so I guess, I can find beauty in everything very easily. I took my camera and made some very nice photos..

We didn't go out, we needed a break. Tomorrow is Waterfall party and our last night in Koh Phangan. I am feeling a bit tired of going out.. Just one more night. From the 3rd of January we'll be more "sightseeing" kid - a - way..
Good night world!


DAY 25: THAILAND (Koh Panghan) Bike ride on a rainy day and NYE

Is it really possible that we have no lucky with a weather on Thailand??? Rain, rain, go away!
After midday and big "doing nothing" in chill out area of our resort beach bar, with our Mexicano friends we decided to rent scooters and to go to Haad Yao beach on the north. Weather was not perfect at all but we said: "Fuck it, let's go!"
On our way up to the north we made several stops because of the rain shower and here are some funny moments of stupidness :)

Haad Yao beach is really beautiful even on this awful day. I took a seat at the bar, and the rest of the "tribe" went for swim.

with Serbian flag ;)

 I was feeling really hungry so I ordered Pad Thai. It was really delicious. We stayed there 2 hours with all that rain and I was feeling cold so I decided to take a cab and go home. Only the thought of going back home on the scooter while it rains made me feel like an ice cube. Tonight is a New Years Eve and we supposed to go to Haad Rin on a full moon. I was really hoping that the weather will change or rain will finally stop. Maria came back after 40minutes frozen and we started drinking some local rum in the mix with red bull and coca cola. 

New Years Eve


 Rain was really in mood to destroy the night.. I was freaking out. I am sick of all my clothes that I have here, not planning to get anything more as my backpack is heavy enough and yes, the shoes... Wet from the jungle party. I couldn't go in a flip flops. Whatever, I'll just go with a flow.

Jure joined us at the right moment so we went to the bar to meet up with Gonzalo and Havier. After pizza dinner we left our place with a hope we'll get taxi. And finally rain stopped. Yeeey! 

 busy road

The road on the way to Haad Rin was really busy and I don't know how but we were in police car as they offered us free ride to the south. We got there drunk enough to explore the busy bay of craziness.. At the same moment we left police car we lost our Mexican friends. We were walking around, dancing and enjoying our new years eve and one minute before the midnight people were screaming and counting down the seconds. Big firework, aggressive music and hugs.. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 

We changed the place and I don't know how I lost Maria and then Jure at the same moment.. I took my cell phone, called her and she said: "Come to the place where the food is".. Yeah right, she said that so easy like that is the only place with food. Finally, after 20 minutes we found each other at our "Haad Rin meeting point". "Jungle music"??? Yes, please! And again reggae bar for a chill out. There we met some people from Emirates, Brazil and States. We were lying on the beach and it felt so good.. "How did I get this paint glow on my leggings??" I was wondering.
Around 6:30am tired and wasted we went to search for a cab to take us home. It was still busy. No sunrise. We came to our room after 10 minutes and i don't know how I took a shower and went to sleep. Our new years eve was really good and dear friends, I hope you have the same one where ever that was. 
Stay safe, always and happy new year! 

Love you all!