15 Jan 2013

DAY 40: CAMBODIA - Arriving in Phnom Penh with no backpack

The flight from Singapore to Cambodia was pretty boring. I was sleeping for an hour and the rest 50 minutes I was listening music and reading LP. Finally we landed. It was 3:50 local time (same as Thailand). We filled in some application form for visa, paid 20 dollars and in a 10 minutes we took our passports and went to take our bags. Surprise! My bag is missing .. Same moment I went to "lost&found" filled in paper and one very polite guy who is in charge said that it should be here tomorrow and he will report this to the company. I was freaking out... Well can't change anything, so let's just go and find a room.. We met one German guy Andreas who is coming to Cambodia all the time so he gave us few tips and we took a tuk - tuk for 4 dollars to take us to the river side. It took us 40 minutes to get there as the traffic was really busy. I was so upset and my Rawi family was trying to cheer me up. Andreas gave me HARIBO gummy bears and that was it! I smiled finally! :) Like he knew I love them!!
We decided to go for a food cuz we were hungry and then to search for the room. I took some fish and chips with salad. It was nothing special but cheap though (4.5dollars). After Maria went on her own to search for the room. And she found one "White river guest house" at Pop street for 10 dollars.
After the shower we came downstairs for a party. It was opening night and such a good atmosphere with local Cambodian folk music. Plus FREE BEER ALL NIGHT. I did not wanna think about my bag anymore and I was hoping that I will get it tomorrow. Fuck it, just a bag. I was so "smart" to leave my international driving license and my diving license aswell plus the all flight reservations in my missing backpack but I am traveling all the time, never had lost baggage. I guess, I learned my lesson today. 
So, the party was nice, but after midnight went we had enough we took a tuk-tuk for like 2 - 3 dollars to take us around the city. We made a several stops to take a beer, water and things. I loved that night ride with my mates.
Phnom Penh is nice city and my first impression is good. Such a poor country (16th world's) but local people are so warm, always with a smile. Plus, I feel so safe here to let's say walk alone.
First day is gone. One more here and we are heading to the coast line...

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