1 Jan 2013

DAY 25: THAILAND (Koh Panghan) Bike ride on a rainy day and NYE

Is it really possible that we have no lucky with a weather on Thailand??? Rain, rain, go away!
After midday and big "doing nothing" in chill out area of our resort beach bar, with our Mexicano friends we decided to rent scooters and to go to Haad Yao beach on the north. Weather was not perfect at all but we said: "Fuck it, let's go!"
On our way up to the north we made several stops because of the rain shower and here are some funny moments of stupidness :)

Haad Yao beach is really beautiful even on this awful day. I took a seat at the bar, and the rest of the "tribe" went for swim.

with Serbian flag ;)

 I was feeling really hungry so I ordered Pad Thai. It was really delicious. We stayed there 2 hours with all that rain and I was feeling cold so I decided to take a cab and go home. Only the thought of going back home on the scooter while it rains made me feel like an ice cube. Tonight is a New Years Eve and we supposed to go to Haad Rin on a full moon. I was really hoping that the weather will change or rain will finally stop. Maria came back after 40minutes frozen and we started drinking some local rum in the mix with red bull and coca cola. 

New Years Eve


 Rain was really in mood to destroy the night.. I was freaking out. I am sick of all my clothes that I have here, not planning to get anything more as my backpack is heavy enough and yes, the shoes... Wet from the jungle party. I couldn't go in a flip flops. Whatever, I'll just go with a flow.

Jure joined us at the right moment so we went to the bar to meet up with Gonzalo and Havier. After pizza dinner we left our place with a hope we'll get taxi. And finally rain stopped. Yeeey! 

 busy road

The road on the way to Haad Rin was really busy and I don't know how but we were in police car as they offered us free ride to the south. We got there drunk enough to explore the busy bay of craziness.. At the same moment we left police car we lost our Mexican friends. We were walking around, dancing and enjoying our new years eve and one minute before the midnight people were screaming and counting down the seconds. Big firework, aggressive music and hugs.. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 

We changed the place and I don't know how I lost Maria and then Jure at the same moment.. I took my cell phone, called her and she said: "Come to the place where the food is".. Yeah right, she said that so easy like that is the only place with food. Finally, after 20 minutes we found each other at our "Haad Rin meeting point". "Jungle music"??? Yes, please! And again reggae bar for a chill out. There we met some people from Emirates, Brazil and States. We were lying on the beach and it felt so good.. "How did I get this paint glow on my leggings??" I was wondering.
Around 6:30am tired and wasted we went to search for a cab to take us home. It was still busy. No sunrise. We came to our room after 10 minutes and i don't know how I took a shower and went to sleep. Our new years eve was really good and dear friends, I hope you have the same one where ever that was. 
Stay safe, always and happy new year! 

Love you all!


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