31 Dec 2012

DAY 24: THAILAND (Koh Panghan) Jungle Experience Party

 The weather this morning was really bad so we decided to stay at our resort and relax.. Again, we woke up around 9am for no reason. Almost all day I've been in a room while Maria was chillin at the bar. What a shity weather.. We met one guy from Slovenia - Jure and "killed" some time at the "chill out area" of a bar. Around 3pm I took a nap and after I was just surfing online, chatting with friends.. It was a pretty boring day... We couldn't wait for the night to come so we can go to "Jungle Experience" party deep in the jungle.
It was 6pm when I decided to dye my hair. Maria was a really good friend (love you M!) so she helped. She also dyed Jure's hair as well hehe.. After one hour power went off. It was completely darkness outside but the bar had aggregate so we went out of the room and saw our Mexican friends there and Jure. Maria was really in the mood and I was looking forward to go and dance to some tech house beats. You can't go wrong if you choose to go to that event. We liked it previous time.
My net book had fully charged battery so we had music to cheer us up.

 Green Peace chill out area

 Some British people lighted up the firework but it was nothing special, still good for a local one :)

And yes, happiness came at the right time - around 8:40pm we got the power back. Everyone in a bar were screaming and jumping. That's it - we were off to party.


I guess that was a quick lucky, 'cause the rain started again. Damn it! " I ain't coming back even if the sky is falling down!" Maria said. And in a 10 minutes after we meet up with Speedy - Gonzalo, all 3 of us jumped in to first taxi for just 50 baths each. Off to party hard!

 Maria, Speedy and I


It was really wet because of all that rain with a high level of humidity. The same, very familiar road leads us through the jungle until we got to the entrance. Music was pumping that much that we could not just stand calm... Man, I love that party! After just ten minutes Simon came with friends.

Me with Speedy and Simon

Piece of Atmosphere

and one more

In one moment it was really rainy (shower) so I went at the bar to not get wet and than cold. From the main bar you could see the dancefloor very good. People were going insane at the rain.. Lasers were making unbelievable effects, like shinny dust in the air... And they were all dancing, specially Maria. The atmosphere was just too good to describe. I spoke with some kiddo from Australia about our route, specially Lao and he gave me few travel tips. Good chat. When the rain stopped me and my 2nd boyfriend Chang (meet Chang - Thai beer) decided to join the tribe. Fire show here was amazing as well. Such a great party!

 fire show

Rain again got me completely wet and I was on the dancefloor this time, dancing with brilliant people who just came here to have an amazing time. When I was at the bar when 1st rain started  - looked amazing from up there, but on the dancefloor while it rains - much better! For just one moment I've forgot about wind and cold but when I started feeling it I just decided to take a cab and go home. It was around 3:30am. At the exit gate taxi drivers and taxi checkers were "attacking" drunk people so hard. I was searching for any taxi that goes to Baan Thai and after five minutes I got myself into one. Sometimes I really like Thai taxi (on Koh Panghan and Koh Tao). It is like pickup with 2 benches so people facing each other and always chatting. This time I hated it. Some idiot was sitting next to me trying to start conversation like all the way to "Green Peace Bungalows" stop. When I got to my resort I saw people still partying hard at the beach on the rain. I just wanted a hot shower but you can't have it all.. Mine was cold one just on time to wake me up to check my inbox and things.

Good night!


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