18 Dec 2012

DAY 11 & 12: (Thailand - Krabi, Ao Nang) BEING LAZY

Ao Nang Beach today, few sunny moments

Yesterday we haven't done anything.. We were lazy enough to go to the beach. Weather wasn't perfect and it was so hot that you couldn't breath. We slept a lot. Actually I've got out of the room just to get us some fresh mixed juice or food ("7 eleven" is becoming our favorite shop).
I saw on internet that for the next few days it is going to be rainy so I went to cancel all boat trips that we booked. They gave us money back but they kept 200 baths as cancellation fee and they said if we decide to go that also can be deposit. F*** it, we don't wanna do the trips on rain.

Here comes the rain again..

Ao Nang right side

Today I went for a morning swim before the midday heat. I found few beautiful pieces of sea glass, took a quick swim, found a lucky coin and got back to our new AC room...

Sea Glass from Ao Nang bay

Lucky Coin

I had some fried rice with shrimps for a late lunch and probably I will not have dinner (who can eat on this heat anyway??) Also, I bough us mixed fruit shake for 30 baths each (dragon fruit, mango and pineapple).

"Red Balcony"  bar

50baths lunch 

Fruit Shakes "take away"

 I can really get used to this "no make up" - "wear whatever" look. I do like my hair as well, wavy and wild.  Finally some chillin' :)


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