29 Dec 2012

DAY 23: THAILAND (Koh Panghan) Discovering north coast

The 2nd morning and again Maria woke me up 9:30am.. Walking around bed, taking and moving things, she really tried to not make any sound of her existence but she was bad in that.. "Damn it Maria, again?? I almost shouted. "Sorry i did not mean to... I can't sleep anymore" she said. And that was it, I tried to continue my sweet dreams but no luck.. I was already awaken...
We just took a key and ordered breakfast in our resort bar. Simply - eggs and toast. Pineapple shake instead of coffee. Omelet with cheese that you could barely taste the cheese.. Aaaah... Asia.....!
After the breakfast we decided to take a long walk to Thong Sala and from there to take a cab and visit 3 beaches on the north of the island. The first one - Bottle beach. It was really hot for a morning walk so after 5km of walking (and hoping we'll find some rental office to take quads as I am not getting any moped). When I saw that we are actually on a cross road where is a turn to road that leads you to "Jungle experience" party, I started to "sing" my "crying - complaining" melody: "This is so far, we should get some taxi... I can't walk anymore ..."  Maria was pretty cool about all that crying. We just stopped at "7 eleven" to get some water and few things. Well as I am a good girl, God "looked" me and one older Thai couple offered us a ride in their (call it) pickup to the port.

From there for 100 baths each we took a taxi but taxi checker said to us that might be a bad weather and long tail boat maybe will not go there. We played on risk and ended up in small fisherman village of Chaloklum.

We chose to have a coffee at one small - cute beach bar and get some tips about the price of long tail boat ride to Bottle beach and back.  The owner of the bar told us that we should wait for more people and only then they'll make a better price for like 100 baths per pax. When we asked they said 800 bats 2 ways for both of us, plus they said that weather is not good. However we decided to stay on Chaloklum beach and after to go to Malibu beach as well.

The weather was really good so we stayed on the 2nd beach until 3:30pm. I am in love with this island and seriously I am thinking to just skip Malaysia and stay here longer. We'll see about that :)

No plans for tomorrow except the Jungle party if this rain stops (hopefully will). Good night world!



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