18 Dec 2012

DAY 13: THAILAND - KRABI (AO NANG BEACH) - Morning thoughts

It is morning here on southern Thailand. Wet and sticky, cloudy and warm. Before I get out of this uncomfortable bed I went online to see the news. So, I guess this 21st December "world's end" thing is becoming a big deal he he... Everyone talks about it. Well my opinion is just - let it be. And as Maria said: "Well, if it's gonna happen for real, at least we will be here, in this nice surroundings." :)
World hold on, there is much better things to do then sitting and moaning about "world's end"- Go out and have fun with your mates, make your girlfriend - boyfriend happy with a few nice words, do something that you're always wanted to do or just go and travel....
There is nothing better then traveling. Even for the weekend. Makes your world bigger, your mind more open and your experience more richer.. And all people you'll meet on your way will make you feel good. You don't have to worry if your hair look nice, why your pants are dirty or shirt, why it is not ironed... You'll be free...! And that's the main thing, that is the best feeling, that's why I love travels. And I will never stop loving that feeling of being free.. I wish, people from my motherland will understand that.. I know it is hard and of course you need money to do big travels but everything is possible. If you really want something you will make your way to get there. . .

And you know what I don't care if someone hates me with a thought: "Look at her, she is Serbian and she's writing her blog in English".. I don't care if you hate the idea of me being here. I wish, you were here with me.

“Haters don't really hate you, they hate themselves - because you're a reflection of what they wish to be”

So dear friends and haters, I got nothing but love for you. xx


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