20 Dec 2012

DAY 14: THAILAND - PHI PHI ISLAND: speed boat, snorkeling and barracuda catch

Cloudy morning... 8am.. Panic... Getting ready for a speed boat ride to Phi Phi island. The best for the end,  so tomorrow we can finally leave Krabi. We met two British girls from London on the way to our small port. Boat was already full so bitchy guide said to all people to squeeze a bit so we can have seat as well. Our 1st stop was Bamboo beach and we had just 20minutes ride till there.  
The whole bay was really beautiful, sand, sea, nature... but the real beauty is actually under the water.. I went in with my "cressi" mask and  underwater camera. I couldn't stop making photos.. It felt so good, watching all colorful fishes, swimming in a warm sea and feeling all that beauty that was surrounding us..  

It was 40 minutes stop but it felt like 5. I wanted to stay more. The weather was not so good - cloudy with few drops of rain.
Next swim stop was Maya beach. Maya bay is popular for diving, and has become even more popular after the 2000 movie "The Beach" was filmed there. It was so busy.. Right side of the bay is reserved for boat parking (not port) and left for swim. Like "Shipwreck" on Zante.. Many tourists making photos and swimming. We had 30 minutes. I did not go to swim and I did not like it much probably 'cause of many people. 
After we had one hour lunch stop on Phi Phi main port. The food was nothing special and I can't say I enjoyed it.. We just went on the beach and lay down. The sun came up and we were "lizarding" for the next 30minutes. :)

On a boat we met one Italian girl Alex from Calabria and two funny guys from UK. It was really fun making jokes and laughing with them. Alex spoke Croatian so we could speak our mother language with her as well. :)
For the next two hours we went on a two nice diving spots for snorkeling..  

Underwater visibility was not very good but we liked it anyway. Local guy from organization caught barracuda fish with a comment: "Who's hungry"?? :)

One more night in Krabi left. We can't wait tomorrow 4pm to see ourselves in a bus to Khao Tao island. I really wanted to go to Phuket to meet up with my dear friend Olga but the time is running fast :( 
Visiting Phi Phi today was a really good choice and next time we'll defiantly go there for a few days.
Let's see what the east coast of this "land of smile" has to offer.. 



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