5 Dec 2012


I have never liked winter. Specially here in Europe. Snow, Christmas, New Years Eve and all that kind of crap.. I could see magic in that but only if I have my camera with me. Also, I have never tried to ski. It's not that I did not wanted, just didn't happened.. So maybe, that's why I got that opinion about the winter... 

It is just a day before our Indochina adventure. Just day and a half before we'll take off our winter hats and enjoy our Asia trip to the max. Weird situations, spicy food, summer clothes...  and many more to come. I feel hectic... And dear winter - take this!! :)
We'll be backpacking through Southeastern Asia for a three months and we'll be visiting Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. I wish we could go more up, to China but I am afraid we will leave that for some other time. Considering our "beautiful" Serbian standard we are very lucky to even travel that far. Anyway, best is yet to come ;)

So, dear friends, you can follow us here on this blog. We'll try to make our stories funny and we'll be missing you.. We want you to believe in your dreams and you'll get there :)

Live, Love & Laugh!

Yelena & Maria.

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