29 Dec 2012

DAY 22: THAILAND (Koh Panghan island - Haad Rin beach) FULL MOON PARTY

Chillin all day at Baan Tai beach and our resort made us more lazy then we thought .. Around 7pm we decided to move. Skipping our dinner with decision to have one at Haad Rin. We took a taxi for 75 baths each and in 10 minutes we arrived there. "Hello party people" kind a way... Yes, we could feel it in the air. After we finished dinner we went to the beach. Full moon and hectic atmosphere, happy people and good music... All in one, that was promising good vibration and awesome night out.

paint glow

"Let's grab a bucket!" Maria said. We chose rum with red bull and coke.

Cactus beach bar had a really good music (European kind a style of club house). I was making a photos and Maria was chatting with some Canadian guy for a while.

One quick look around us, we concluded that all people were mostly teenagers. Geez, is this really happening or we are getting old!!?? As long as music is good, I don't mind! "Look, crazy guy Aaron from Bangkok, remember him??!!" Maria said.. Hell yes, he was working in one bar on Koh San road. Quick photo and go.

After the 2nd bucket we were dancing like crazy with some great tech house beats. Some Reggae bar after for a chill and again party hard at some other beach bar. "Maria, am I imagining or this is Serbian music??" I asked shocked. Yes, it was. God, I am like far, far away from my motherland and the last thing i wanted to dance to was Serbian music. No Serbs around us, but people were going mad. Haha, good stuff!
We changed a beach bar again. Some jungle music and drum n' base was a good choice..
I can't remember when was the last time we danced so much...

Comparing to "Jungle" party - "Full moon" was nothing special but still, not that bad. Good to go, dance or just to see.

Tonight we might stay at our resort, relax and have some quality sleep. Tomorrow defiantly not 'cause there is another "Jungle" party :) Yeeey!



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