7 Dec 2012


Well, well... Here we are.. In Thailand, Bangkok.. after nine hours of flight and no sleep we arrived. It was very easy to get out from the airport by train. We tried to reach Khao San Road with out spending lots of money on taxi or tuk-tuk. Few people were very kind to help us so we found out that there is a bus number 59 to the center and we took the stairs down to find a bus station. One guy stopped us and started to explain about the whole city and we just asked for the bus stop. I was freaking out.. We were caring our backpacks and we wanted to leave when he said: "Speak to Thai man, sister. I am just trying to help you".. It was really funny situation we just said "thanks" and we left. Bus didn't came so we took a taxi for 100 baths with one Chinese couple. It was really hot, like the hottest day in Greece during the summer and the traffic was horrible but at least taxi here have air con. In search of a budget accommodation we saw many cool people (locals and tourists) chillin' at the bars or just walking on the busy street without shoes :) We took "Lek" Guest House in the busy area and believe it or not I don't even have to go out. The music from the outside is so loud that I can feel the base below my feet. Actually, the whole room is shaking.. Too pity we are really tired, otherwise, we will go out. Room is ok, but just ok and cheap. We will stay just one night and tomorrow night we'll take a train to Chang Mai (3rd class dear friends, we forgot to book it earlier so, God help us). :)
For dinner we got some noodles with shrimps for like less then 2e and it was really delicious ...
Off to try to sleep but probably I will get us some Thai beer and than, sleep later.

J & M


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