10 Dec 2012

DAY 1 and DAY 2: THAILAND-BANGKOK - no sleep

still day 1: )

Our room in center looked like good solution after sleepless night in a plane. Actually, since we didn't sleep well night before flight, then no sleep in a plane, and finally no sleep on our first nite in Bangkok.
It was like a vip room in a club, which includes extra woofers and sofa's (in our case bed) shaking.
I was so tired that i even slept for a while, but Yelena was moving around all the time, mentioning every god's mother in Serbian and English...she would do it in Thai too, but we still didn't learn a word.
Fan was working but no use at all. At 5am she got me out of the bed, and we went out. We forgot to mention that we booked excursion for Floating market, bridge on Kwai river, and Tiger Temple, and pick up time was at 7am, same morning.What the hell...we'll sleep in a mini van, it looked comfortable enough..
Instead of breakfast we took fresh fruit juice..good combination: dragon fruit, star fruit, passion fruit and mango! Yay!! Loved it!

                                                                            Dragon fruit

Excursion was...let's say waste of precious time,it started at 7am, finished at 7.30pm and it was almost all about driving around...can't say..the cheapest taxi in compare how many kilometers we passed..but that's all..wouldn't recommend it though. In one moment, Yelena felt so sick, that we wanted to return to Bangkok same moment..it was terrible that you can not find transport back to Bangkok in a case you don't feel well, since its all organized only for groups..

    On a small boat

Floating market

at the market

 Run run run..this is how it looks so far, and we need to change things..
Railway station 9pm, 3rd class train..Yes, I was an idiot and from fear that we will not have seats, nevermind its written, we jumped into  wagon (return ticket seats)!!:)) Hohoho..3rd class of trains looked comfortable so we started making photos and having fun!

2nd class.... 

                                                            Pineapple from the train

Then some Scottish couple came and said they have seats 47,48 but we showed them tickets so we started all making fun of new people coming into train, that in Bangkok every train ticket was with seat 47, 48...it was so funny! But then we took a look of return tickets, we understood that we found ourselves in wrong wagon and wrong seats..
It was 18h long ride, so it was great opportunity to see the strangest positions person can sleep.


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