15 Dec 2012

DAY 9: KRABI – Phra Nang beach and cave

 Sunshine woke me up pretty much early  but I wasn’t ready to get up from the bed. And I did not. :)  Maria felt ill last night so we took a short street walk. Night life in Krabi actually sucks. This place would be perfect if I am here with Pyrros. It all about pubs and bars with some evergreen live music. More for couples and families. Shops are closing at 10pm so if you ever choose to go for shopping, do it before.  Since all situation was not so good we went to our guest house. When Maria asked for key  I’ve realized that we actually forgot key in the room. There was no one at reception so we asked next door (other guest house) for help.  The guy who are in charge for our guest house is one lady-boy or gay. I don’t have nothing against that really and this is nothing bad that I was about to say about that Thai guy. But, he is really bitchy in all ways. He is working hard from morning to the evening - reception, cleaning and everything that includes this guest house.  He don’t know what does it mean “hospitality”, he is not polite and he showing that very good. However, back to my story. The lady next door woke him up and he was so pissed off also showing us what time it is (midnight). We unlocked  our room. I tried to get signal but internet did not work so I went to sleep.

Today we took long tail boat and went to see Rai Ley beach and Phra Nanag cave and beach as well. We paid 200baths each  two ways. It was 40% sunny day and we hoped it will not be rainy. Maria was still ill a bit.  We got into the boat and in 15minutes we were at the beach.. It was really busy and the sky was not clean enough so I could not make good photos L But the water was so worm and we swam a lot… Joy, joy, joy… 


Long Tail Boat ride

Boat ride
Phra Nang bay

Phra Nang beach


 Noodle time!

Being silly

After few hours I wanted to see Phra Nang cave and Maria decided to stay for a nap. The stairs to a main path that leads to the cave was not safety. I climbed up and finally got myself inside. It was giant and beautiful. I didn’t have proper shoes and it was a bit hard to climb up but it was worth to go. I made few videos in the cave and few pictures  as well.  

Phra Nang Cave

Phra Nang Cave

 When I returned I was so dirty from the dust and sweat and I just jumped in the sea.
This day would be perfect if the rain did not came so say “hello”  somewhere around 4:30pm. What is wrong with all this rain in non-monsoon period??  We moved to the left side of a bay, saw other small cave, some rock climbers and after Maria finished her rain swim went to take a ride back to Ao Nang beach. We were freezing and like kids, tried to wormed each other with our feet. 


 Rain :(


So far, our day was really good.  Tomorrow 8:30am we’ll go to see some James Bond island in Krabi area. Fingers crossed for a good (sunny) weather.  Xx

Yelena & Maria.

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