12 Dec 2012


Our 2nd class ride by train was terrible. Too late (and again) we realized we took 3rd class ticket even we said to the ticket seller we wanna change it for a 2nd. She said ok, we paid 40baths (also wondered is it possible that is so small difference in price). Local people who were in a train in our wagon looked weird and we decided to go to 2nd class and pay extra. One older Thai man grabbed our ticket and showed us to "fuck off'" to our wagon. He wasn't conductor, just a passenger and we ignored him and took a seats next to him. He waited for conductor to pass and he made a complain in Thai language. He done his best to move us to the 3rd class on our seats. Complex, complex, complex... Nevermind, he ate some smelly  food with his fingers all the time. :)
Well. Maria said:"It's not gonna work" and she left. i was waiting like 20min wondering where the hell she is started getting worried if they kicked her from the train or she is again with police. There she's coming: "Take the bags and let's go!" We managed to get the 2nd class. Oh my God, we couldn't stop smilling into the face of the only Thai man who was very impolite without reason. Victory again ha ha!
Conclusion is to not take 3rd class unless you are really in a hurry 'cause it is not so safe.
Again after 18 hours we arrived to Bangkok and just by one look we realized we missed Chiang Mai. :(
Hotness, hotness, hotness, traffic, traffic, traffic...
Fortunately we are going south tomorrow :))
One great thing that happened here is that whenever there are national celebrations you can have a "tuk - tuk" almost for free for 3 hours. We were lucky! Chan, our tuk-tuk driver took us around center to see the main attractions. That's all for now, we are off for a drink! Ziveli!! xx

Maria & Yelena.

Koh San Road, Coconut??

Ready for a ride??

Chan, our tuk -tuk friend

At the Golden Mount

View of Bangkok

Conquering Thailand

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