16 Jan 2013

DAY 41 - 42 : CAMBODIA (Phnom Penh) Waiting for my backpack

I would rather skip writing about those 2 days but, what a hell...
So here I am: one t-shirt, one trousers, one bra, one underwear.. I hoped it will be just a day till I get my stuff back.. It wasn't. The very second morning I called the airport but my backpack did not arrived and the guy said that he has confirmation from Singapore that my bag is there and that it is going to be here tomorrow. I tried to get in contact with someone from that stupid "Tiger Airways" flight company but all I got from them was wrong contact numbers for "lost baggage" customer service. Imagine this, rep who works in side the same company is giving you the number of "service for lost baggage" that is not even handling Tiger Airways.I spent more than 30 dollars on credit a get no info so I called the airport again. Very polite guy said that again, Tiger Airways confirmed they will send my backpack tomorrow so I'll should get it around 3:50pm. I said, fuck this, let's go to get some clothes. Local market was pretty cheap but the clothes did not look any better. I bought few thing to "survive" till my bag come. We also ate some delicious chicken noodles on the street for like... 0,30 cents.
I love people of Cambodia! They are so nice..

Steve went to meet up with Andreas and we went for shopping. I gave a try to few tops and shorts really, I pushed hard to convince myself that I look good in that clothes but no lucky... For the very first time I wish I could have "Little Europe" here in Asia. So I gave up... no shopping for me here.
Same night we took a night ride again with tuk - tuk. This is becoming really funny.
Next day we woke up late and waited few hours to go and get my backpack from the airport. We arrived there the same moment when plane landed. I was standing there, watching all bags and hoping I'll see my dirty backpack but .. no.. The emotions took over ... I was crying! No, not for the fucking bag but for the reason I am not enjoying. I am paying this trip a lot and I supposed to feel good. I felt so bad that moment and the same moment I said to my mates I am not staying in this city any day longer. "Guys, fuck this, I want us to enjoy. So the plan was to go south so tomorrow we are going to the coast. I am not waiting for my stuff anymore. I'll buy this rubbish clothes. I love you guys."
Then we hugged each other and Steve said: "Now, when we get back I will call Australian head office and you try again to talk with Singapore. Just the last try." We were on a hot line with Australia for like 30minutes when we decided to hang up. Plus, it was reservation line as they don't have any for lost baggage.
And here I am.. it is 3rd day already in Phnom Penh. 8:15am.. The next Tiger's arrival from Singapore is in 10 minutes. And yes, I am getting this very last call in 20 minutes. If my bag is not here I am getting us bus tickets to Sihanoukville, going for quick shopping and that's it. 
See you on the beach! ;)

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