4 Feb 2013

CAMBODIA: SIHANOUKVILLE - 2 weeks of paradise on Otres beach

Eventually my backpack arrived on a 3rd day when I decided to move to the south. So I took my backpack, bought a tickets and woke up my room mates. It's a big day!! Departure time was at 3pm. I was relaxing at the bar while my Rawi bro and sister went for shopping. Our tuk - tuk driver arrived on time to take us to the main bus station in Phnom Penh. We took a front seats and slept all the way to Sihanoukville. We were traveling around 5 hours to Sihanoukville. There we gonna meet up with Steve, Steve's friend Harriet and some other guy they met few days ago - Adam. We arrived at night, around 9pm and my girl straight a head started to negotiate with tuk - tuk driver for the price to take us to Otres beach. Finally she was satisfied with 5 dollars price. As we couldn't find "Joe's guesthouse" I called Steve hoping he'll answered or otherwise we'll stay at other place. It was all good ;)
Guesthouse was .. well, not that bad but for a 7 dollars room pretty good.
2 weeks of really good time and relaxing, going out, getting drunk on a balcony, swimming, night swimming, morning swimming, boat trips, getting so much connected with all those beautiful people, sunrises, sunsets, visiting local waterfall, bike ride, trying to do some nice things for people we met, lighting a huge beach bonfire, long talks ... Words cannot describe the way we felt.. We supposed to stay 6 days but we stayed 2 weeks! My girl even now saying she would love to go back there. I wish the same from time to time..
We had our "French place" where we were going for a food, our balcony where we were just chillin' in the night with some good music, 1 dollar "Makon" whiskey and all the time in the world to make those two weeks special!
From my angle, I felt good, different and relaxed.. I loved Otres beach, quiet nights over there, seeing my girl Maria so happy and relaxed, Steve and paint on his face when he got back from booze cruise, Adam and his MCing skills, my Rawi brother Steve and the way he was always kind, Harriet on a party boat. I love those people! If any of you guys ever read this, I want you to know that I am really happy to met you. Each of you individually have a special place in my heart! For a lifetime! I hope you are finding ways to enjoy each day of your life. <3

Fishing trip with Mr Bong

Steve & I


nights at "Joe's balcony"

and mornings

souvenirs :)

Otres beach

Stevo & Steve



Wild out!

Me and my girl


The tribe

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