15 Jan 2013

5 DAYS in Singapore (9th January - 14th January)

After a day of doing nothing and just relaxing on roof top garden of "Green Kiwi" hostel Rawi family decided to go for sightseeing around Singapore. And when Maria said: "Singapore ... place where breathing is expensive" I totally agree. Man, we couldn't find any cheaper street food for less than 3 dollars, cigarettes are like 11 and beer is 6. We took some super - cheap card for the public transportation aswell.
1st stop was Marina Bay.. Fancy walking area near the water where you can chill, walk, or just make some nice photos of all buildings and hotels. It was a really hot day...
We enjoyed that walk a lot, 3 amigos - Maria, Steve and I..

 Rawi family

Marina Bay


Steve learned few Serbian words and it was really funny listening him talking Serbian on his German accent..
As we were really on budget, trying to save money for a better things, we haven't done any shopping but when we saw Starbucks we said: "Fuck this, we are going for a coffee!"
I think we stayed there for an hour or two just enjoying the view and relaxing from a long walk.
It was around 5pm when we took another tube to take us to Chinatown. Colors, stupid souvenirs and good food, all at one place. Completely different than the place where we were before. Steve bought some funny Chinese shoes (more like slippers), and we just took some magnets for a friends.

 Hello in Serbian :)

 super-stylish shoes for Steve

After we got back to our hostel and met 2 Australians from Perth, one girl from USA and one Canadian guy. Having fun at the roof with music and beer, such a good night...
Other day was rainy so we stayed at guest house and then the other we went to  Clarke Quay and Sentosa Island. The Bay garden is beautiful... but they are charging extra for everything around ya. Sentosa island - perfect paradise for kids and family..
Somehow there we lost Maria but she showed up at our guest house saying that she had a hell of the time. I liked pictures that she made!
And finally, the last 4th day .. Maria stopped one truck and asked the driver if he can take us to Marina Bay, 'cause he was going there anyway.. It was freaking crazy seeing us sitting in a pickup and enjoying the ride on our European way :) Well, let's just say "RAWI" way hahaha... People on the street were shocked, some of them even took a photo of us. I bet that video was on national TV.. Haha, great memory! (Special thanks to my girl who can do everything - MARIA!!!)
So we ended up at Marina bay and decided to try to sneak in to "Infinity Pool". "No, sorry, it is just for the hotel guests" receptionist said. "Okay, we are photo reporters from travel magazine, this is our official press pass, we just wanna take few pictures and write about it"  - that was our answer. And yes, for real, we have the official press pass from that mag and we will write about our trip when we get back  But the guy said that we should make an appointment so we just went to the last floor (77) and decided to see that famous Sky bar. Before we entered Steve said to me that there is a pass and security is busy at the moment so I should try to sneak in. I took a risk but no lucky hehe. The security guy was just in front of me reminding that it is just for the guests.. Damn! Well, at least, I tried :)
Sky bar was busy with rich tourists and I guess rich locals considering that one beer cost "just" 20 dollars and the cheapest bottle of vodka "only" 350! Yeah, fuck this! I wanna go to Cambodia as soon as possible! We took a tube and then the other one to Little India. Man, I thought that the whole India was there that moment! I forgot to say that in the morning we were there aswell, having the best Indian dal (traditional meal) for just 5 dollars. I don't wanna sound like I am poor or I don't wanna spend money, it's just the way we travel. In front of us is one and a half month, 3 countries and many more to come. Singapore is bloody expensive! 


Sentosa island

at Sky bar

 my sexy girl

love her!!

Rawi kiss from Little India

The last night our dorm was full. I think that 6 people were snoring and I couldn't sleep.. Plus the aircon ... freezing..! 
On 14th we woke up around 10am. It was our departure day as we were having enough of "civilization" ... hehe..  Cambodia here we come!! 

best message ever ;)


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