1 Jan 2013

DAY 26: THAILAND (Koh Phangan): Sunset of Baan Tai

Today we did not do anything... We were at the beach bar, recovering from the last night.
I washed my shoes again .. I think I am gonna get new one.
In the afternoon Maria went with Jure to get us bus tickets for Malaysia. 3rd of January we are leaving Thailand. She gave me a call just 15 minutes after she left saying that there are no tickets until the 6th. Oh, F**c! She said that we can go to Hadyai (Southern Thailand) and from there to take a night bus to Penang. Well we don't have any other option anyway..  She got back with a Pad Thai, and I was really hungry..

I love Thai sunsets. Specially here at Baan Tai. The way that sun "plays" with sky... I am not romantic person. I love photography so I guess, I can find beauty in everything very easily. I took my camera and made some very nice photos..

We didn't go out, we needed a break. Tomorrow is Waterfall party and our last night in Koh Phangan. I am feeling a bit tired of going out.. Just one more night. From the 3rd of January we'll be more "sightseeing" kid - a - way..
Good night world!


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