14 Feb 2015


Start of December 2014 I spent in rush. Applying for UK visa once again, sorting out all details, booking flights and packing up. Moving to UK was not how I really imagined my future.. But, my husband is there and the opportunities are bigger and lighter than they are in Greece at the moment.
Sun did not take me to some nice Mediterranean destination this time neither to some tropical coast of Asia. It took me to the capital of Europe if I can feel free to say.
I am about to change my life completely.  

16th December (2014) my dear friend Milosh came and took me to the airport. Flying to London, moving to London...

So here I am. Stuck in a city that slowly I am falling in love with. Every inch, very corner I simply adore and I will try, with all my heart to describe everything that this amazing city has to offer.
In a further posts you can expect to meet some hidden, beautiful spots that this city hides. 
So, enjoy this ride and "mind the gap, please".

when in London..

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