14 Feb 2015


A Valentines day... Rise and shine...
First thing I usually do in the morning before I get up from the bed is that I always move curtains to check the weather, if it's sunny or not. I am addicted to the sun. Cloudy wet and chilly picture showed up on this Saturday morning. I will quote what one of my cousin said and she is so right: "I was born in August for a reason. Not meant for this cold weather!". And by coincidence she was born same day as I.
I woke up my husband early and even now still feeling guilty 'cause he was djing till late last night.
After the shower and breakfast we took a Piccadilly line to Green Park and from there Jubilee to Canary Wharf.
I promised that from today you will be meeting London's hidden jewels. So lets start randomly..

Canary Wharf is London's business and financial districts. All big banks, professional services and media organizations are here. Around 100 000 people works there. It's like Shanghai in Europe.
But this is not something I will write about. :)
This is a story about tree. Not any tree but artistic, unique traffic light tree we discover today here.

We found it on a center of one small ring road just across the entrance of Billingsgate market.
The Traffic Light Tree was created by French artist Pierre Vivant. It is eight meters tall and containing 75 sets of lights, each controlled by computer.
"The sculpture imitates the natural landscape of the adjacent London Plane Trees, while the changing pattern of the lights reveals and reflects the never ending rhythm of the surrounding domestic, financial and commercial activities." Viviant said.
It was installed in 1998 on the other location and changed location few more time till 2013 where it is now.
Amazing, isn't it??

We enjoyed our day at busy urban area. It was not sunny but this piece of art colored our day with all 75 shinnig lights that was flashing constantly reminding us that London has its own colors.

Happy Valentines day!!

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