14 Mar 2015


I wanted to leave this story for some other day and write about another Hindu temple that I planned to visit today. But the weather is terrible so I guess I'll stay home.. 
The weather is the only flaw of this country definitely. 

The same day I took a walk and saw "The Lion Heads" I was actually on the way to find the last gas lamp of London. 
Embankment tube stop, hot latte in my hand, an umbrella, camera.. I was walking towards "Temple", next to the river trying to find "Savoy" hotel. Just behind the hotel I should find the lamp. It was easy. I found it imminently. 

Location of the Lamp (Gmap source)

Location of The Lamp

Many of these lamps were installed in the UK in towns and cities such as Sheffield and Blyth, and they are still there,  but only one remain in the capital.
The main purpose of sewer gas destructor lamps is to remove sewer gases and their hazards.
Joseph Edmund Webb of Birmingham patented a sewer gas destructor lamp in the late 19th century.
Due to a traffic accident the original lamp was damaged and has been replaced with a replica. This lamp is currently in use and can be found burning day and night down the side street of the "Savoy" hotel in London. The story of this lamp has given rise to locals referring to Carting Lane as 'Farting Lane'. :)

Location:  Carting Lane (leading from The Strand to Savoy Place), Westminster, WC2R
Tube station: Charing Cross, Embankment or Temple.

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  1. Street lights are not just simple. They have story to tell. This is why I Plan Moving to UK to see the beautiful things, places and more.
    Thank you for sharing this piece of good content.