12 Mar 2015



Secret of Trafalgar Square 

How many people daily pass through the square? Many. No matter if they are tourists, real Londoners, students, British, Americans, German... But just few of them knows that the World's smallest police station stands there.
First time I visited London, after all "must see" attractions (and there are many!) I started looking for some un-commercial spots. I had plenty of time 'cause I've stayed one month here. I dono how many articles I  red about hidden places in London, how many posts and pictures I saw... I started writing them all down in my notebook, and pining them on my paper map. Back then I did not have iPhone or gmap.. It was just me and my papers :) But it was real happiness once I finally find them. :) 

So, this smallest UK police box stands on south-east corner of Trafalgar Square. Sometimes is routinely ignored by the masses 'cause it does not look so representative like all sculptures and monuments on the square. And tourists that comes here don't know about it, 'cause honestly, it does not look like police station at all but more like lamp. The truth is it was originally an ornamental light fitting, built in 1826.
Scotland Yard had it hollowed out and adapted for police purposes in 1926, with the addition of electric lighting and a telephone. This was the year of the general strike in Britain and Trafalgar Square was and still is, the place for disenfranchised citizens to congregate and have a grumble.
Equipped with a telephone (connected to a main police station) and just enough space to swing a truncheon, it had room for one officer to watch over marches, demonstrations and riots in the square.
Today, it's used to store street cleaning equipment.

So, next time you come here, make sure you don't miss it.
Location:  Smallest Police Station, Trafalgar Square, Opposite South Africa House, post code: WC2N 5DP.
Tube (metro/underground) stop: Charing Cross
Is this the World's Smallest Police Station?? Still unclear to me. Later on, after many online "researches" I found that there is another one in USA (Carrabelle, Florida).

photo source: MV "Help me Rhonda" blog

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