9 Nov 2013

DAY 1 & 2 - JAPAN, Tokyo

Don't judge the pilot 

Our flight was very good and this time very fast. We flew 15 hours in total from Belgrade via Abu Dhabi to Tokyo, and we were that relaxed at the (transfer) airport that we could almost miss the flight. I can not even imagine what could happen if it was like that. :)
1st of all, I really need to say that "ETIHAD" air company is GREAT! Comfortable seats, nice, decent food and we slept half way from Abu Dhabi to Tokyo on 2 seats each as the plane was half full. From Nirita airport we took the cheapest train to the center (ticket per pax - 1150 Japanese yens). We have booked some nice hotel earlier (Kangaroo hotel) near the downtown for 50us dollars per night. We could find even 5 - 6 dollars cheaper but not in the center and if we have to spend every day time and money for a train to get to the downtown, it is not worth.
In a train, on the way to hotel we were so tired. The weather wasn't so great with all that clouds and gray colors and makes us more sleepy than we were.
We found our hotel very easy, had a shower and went for a afternoon walk. It was 6pm and dark, like real winter. But it was not cold.
I found this city very clean, nice and people are amazing! They don't speak so good English as I expected but they are all willing to help. Bicycles everywhere (almost like Amsterdam), we have 7/11 shop near our hotel and it is not that pricy as everybody said.

7/11 new arrivals :)

Well, accommodation is expensive for the quality they give you. We are paying one small, tiny room with 2 mattress on the floor, tv, fridge and aircon 50dollars (with shared bathroom). The room is really nothing special and you can basically but only one small backpack so it can look a bit comfy,  but it is clean. So what a hell, we always find beauty even in a small things.

the room in Kangaroo hotel

Sumida, river side

After the shower we decided to go for a walk near the Sumida river and see amazing Tokyo Skytree tower and on the way back we got lost. We were trying to find our hotel and all we did was just going around the same circle.. We asked few locals for the street, police officer, and somehow always ended up on the same spot from where we started.. At the end one Japanese guy put the hotels address in his navigation (application in his cellphone) and walked with us to the correct street. He did not speak English very good but again, he was very helpful. Arigato! ;)
My day was long. . . But I feel very relaxed here in this city and very safe. I enjoyed the walk we had two hours ago but I also need sleep. Looking forward for tomorrow and real sushi. ;) Chopsticks long time no see.. :)

Tokyo Skytree Tower