16 Nov 2013

DAY 6: JAPAN - Tokyo (Relaxing day at Ueno)

Beer Tower

Our last day in Japan, Tokyo. We saw almost everything. We wanted to visit underwater sea life park but it is not open on Wednesday. We wanted to go to Disneyland but it was too pricy for us when we calculated the transportation ('cause it is outside of center). Zoo.. nah, we did not find it attractive enough so we agreed - Chill today, no rush, no 6 hours walking, just relaxing.
Last night for the 1st time we opened YouTube to see what exactly happened in Philippines and we were shocked. 10 000 people dead after catastrophic typhoon. Is is safe for us to go there? We panicked! On 19th November we got booked flight from Beijing to Manila (Philippine's capital) and the next day early morning the other plane for Cebu island. We decided to not go. Maria was on a hot line with some guy from Bookers.gr web flight agent company trying to cancel both flights (to Philippines and from Philippines) but the money that Philippine airlines is ready to give us back is really nothing compering with what we payed. Should we go to Thailand again? Or Malaysia? Lets see what is cheaper option... At the end with all calculation we came up to a minus of 490e if we change our travel plan so we left everything for the morning..
In the morning we were in the other mood. We gonna go to Senso Ji temple again, and if we get the same good fortune (with a sticks) we'll go to Philippines if it is bad we wont. Sounds silly but we needed a sign. At the end all went well. We had best fortunes :)
Before that we went to Info building and made some nice photos of Asakusa area from the top. The entrance is free of charge.

 view of Shopping street and Senso Ji temple

Tko Sky Tree 

We also tried some weird ice cream. I took bean flavor and Maria choose potato one. Was not bad at all, we liked it.
Long walk to Ueno area to get some souvenirs and maybe have some fun in game park again.

 Serbian flag :)

Come inside and get lost

Just for us

click - click

We also returned "suica" metro card in Ueno metro station, get 500 yens back, bought train tickets for metro to take us to the airport and had nice dinner in local restaurant trying famous Tokyo dish - Tempura (shrimp, lotus, fried vegetables and rice) and small Japanese beer.

Japanese Tempura

The day passed quick and 7pm we were in our room packing up backpacks for tomorrow. Our flight  is at 1:20pm from Ibaraki airport. The main problem is that the flight company "Spring" is allowing us to take only 15kg of baggage (including hand one) and we are over weighted. We will see what is gonna happened tomorrow. If we have to pay - we pay, cause only my photo equipments are close to 7 kg.
Same night we had same talk about going to Philippines or not.. and we'll check all about safty when we got to Shanghai. We'll go to Philippine Embassy over there and find out everything..
...zzz time..   

Senso Ji Temple by night

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