12 Nov 2013

DAY 5: JAPAN - Tokyo (Fish market, Imperial plalace and Tokyo lights)

4am... alarm.. I could not sleep again but I woke up 'cause we decided to go. Quick coffee in our hands and way to the metro station. It was still dark outside. And cold. We change 2 trains to get to Tsukiji.

We got there, saw one fish market but Maria said:"No, it is not this one, the one I saw has big like really big fishes!" So we asked around and finally get there. Police officer said it is open after 9am and we tried to explain that it is 5am opening time but he did not speak good English and we left. What we gonna do 4 hours here on cold weather? On the way from the sub station we saw one Buddhist temple. Why don't we go there? It was Buddhist ritual and we took front seat and enjoyed peaceful atmosphere.
After that all we have done was just walking in Ginza area, watching high buildings and expensive store (such as Cartier, Prada, Apple etc..) In "Family Mart" market I've discovered so delicious pastry with vanilla cream  ... nom nom..

 Apple building 

Walk, walk and more walk.. Hopefully we will see some results after all those kilometers we passed. :)
Finaly it was 9am, we got inside and walked more. We saw many sea life that I would not even touch. And yes, Japanese people enjoy eating them. Also, we found out that we should come early, like 5am to register cause it can be very busy. We have not seen 2 meters big tuna fish but we could if we knew about registration. Anyway, we are not coming back this way again.

 Seafood anyone? :)

After fish market we took a tube to Imperial palace. The entrance is free and it is beautiful choice to skip busy city life and enjoy the nature of the park.


 Magical forest

After 2 hours sleep we needed shades 

outside of the palace

Stone bridge

Okay, the best of the best so far we left for the end of the day - Tokyo tower. There are two observatory rooms and the view is breathtaking. The entrance fee is 820 Japanese yens but is defiantly worth. Here are some moments I captured with my 2nd boyfriend Canon: 

looks familiar? Tokyo tower

Tokyo tower 

view from the 2nd observatory 


Sunset over Tokyo

view by the night

Tokyo lights

Sorry for late posts, we had many things to do while traveling. I am writing from China at the moment and access to Google is very hard. VNP is helping :)
Soon more! x


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