16 Nov 2013

DAY 7: Leaving Tokyo and arriving in Shanghai

6am alarm started ringing like crazy and I saw Maria switching it off and continuing sleeping. After 20 minutes she woke up and panicked: “Yelena, we are 20 minutes late for the sub!!” I was not so stressful cause I knew our flight is at 1:20pm and even if we lose this sub we have time to get on the next one. Also, I did not know that “Ibaraki” airport is far away.  It was a sunny morning and we were leaving from Minami Senju station, metro line. Maria said we have 15 stations and then we should take a bus to the airport. Yesterday we manage to leave our suica transportation card (at Ueno) and get 500 yens back (each) and also we bought metro tickets for today. Bus tickets we’ll get on the bus. When we arrived one local guy started chatting with us and said that we don’t have to wait the sub at 7:11am we can also go with one at 7:02am. He said it is the same. It was not. After 10 station we asked one woman for our stop and she said we should leave now and change the sub on a line 6. So we jumped out of the sub immediately. Maria said: ”I think something is wrong here, ‘cause nobody mention ever we should change 2 subs, neither I red on internet” . “Maybe we should wait that sub at 7:11am ‘cause they might not have the same route” I answered.
It is what it is.. We get into the 2nd sub full of kids. School time probably. We tried to ask few people about our final destination but nobody spoke English. And after a while one woman said that we should go on the 1st car cause those other are soon change to other directions. It was so busy, we tried to move but then we decided to go out on 1st station and get fast in front. We did it several times on each station, moaning and swearing at the same time in Serbian with our heavy backpacks, and finally we got in to the 1st car of the train. When we arrived we found easy our bus station (it was just next to the sub). Bus ticket is 600 yens each. I paid for both of us and get back to my seat wondering why I got only one ticket. After 2 minutes bus driver came to me and gave mi back 200 yens. We understood that maybe he took 400yens for himself because price on the ticket was 600. That was okay with us as long as we are paying less. 
Ibaraki is small airport, and it was not busy. In front of  "Spring" counter we saw a big sign "15 kg of baggage including the cabin one". Shit! We have to do something cause they are charging 15 us dollars per each kilogram.
We are fucked! - I said to Maria. We had 7 kilograms more. - I am not paying 100 dollars extra! - Maria panicked. So we started re-packing, putting more clothes on us.. still we were over weighted. 
We went outside to chill and decide what we should do and one Asian lady started communication with us. Her name is Yuko and she is writer from Japan traveling with two gorgeous girls (daughters) to Shanghai with the same plane. We asked her if this company is so strict with baggage and that we have more weight we should ... She offer her help. She can take some of our stuff. Is this really happening!!?? Omg! Brilliant! (Yuko, once again, thank you for helping us!).  
The flight went a bit scary with lots of turbo lances and the plane was busy so I could not wait to land. 
Shanghai airport giant and busy. For check in and passport control we needed more than 30 min. With 7 Chinese yuans we manage to come to the center, People Square and find our hostel (People Square Youth hostel) that we have booked earlier (6.5euro per person per night). We'll stay here 5 nights. 
The thing I did not like in Shanghai as a 1st expression is that generally they don't have manners. My experience in metro. If you wanna get out those who wants to get in will not wait or let you go out, they will just get in, even if they have to push you. Farting, spitting, coughing at the same time. . . I hope that in Beijing people are different.
Our dorm is ok, we were in 4 beds dorm alone. Not so clean but better than India.
1st thing in the morning - Philippine Embassy. 

Yuko, girls and us

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