7 Nov 2013

There is something magical in Asia that keeps me coming back

Here I am again.. Same room, same bed, same passport, same backpack, same me.. And yes, same thoughts and of course the same "partner in crime", my dear friend, Maria.
This is going to be my 3rd year of backpacking in Asia but this year I am going earlier - November. Starting from tomorrow 12:20 midday from the same airport in Belgrade.
We are about to visit 4 countries. Our 1st stop - Japan - Tokyo. After China, Philippines and Indonesia.
I feel double excited!
Hopefully I wont be so lazy to write my blog while traveling and now, if you ask me, I feel terrible that I did not have time to write any word about Vietnam and Lao. I'll try to keep my best memories in here aswell.
Dear friends and family,
I wish you amazing winter and I am 100% sure I'll be missing you as I always do. Stay happy and enjoy each minute of your life.
Love you all.


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